Empowering women

Democracy cannot work without equality for women. That means equal participation and equal representation. Women make up 51% of our population but only 24% of our federal legislators. It is critical that we disrupt the system of male domination, also known as the patriarchy, in all its forms, both subtle and overt. This includes oppression, inequality, and discrimination, as well as all forms of violence and exploitation against women and girls. The change the world is crying for cannot occur unless women's voices are heard.

So many of the challenges we face with women’s policies stem from the fact that a bunch of men are trying to craft laws without any guidance or input from folks whose lives those laws impact. If we can create an environment where we elevate and empower women, where we turn their input into action, we can cut through the harmful rhetoric and make real progress on these important issues.

Things I'll be fighting for

  • Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
  • Equal representation of women through gender parity in Congress
  • U.S. ratification of CEDAW, the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women
  • Reproductive justice and related measures to ensure women have control over what happens to their bodies
  • Economic equity for women, including universal basic income and programs tailored to the particular needs of motherhood
  • Enforcement of current laws and institute tougher penalties for discrimination, exploitation, acts of violence against women, and human trafficking

Join our movement.

Help us reclaim our future by replacing our broken and corrupt systems, empowering working people and communities, and saving our planet while we're at it. It won't be easy. It will take all of us working together. But working together is what we do best. We can do this. We, the people, are going to win.