Supporting our troops

Our brave service members, who are required to carry out military policies, often with great hardship to themselves, their families, and even the risk of their lives, deserve our respect and our commitment to adequate compensation and benefits. The dangerous burden of fighting unnecessary, unending wars is disproportionately borne by families of lesser means and some of our most vulnerable citizens and residents. It is critical that we stop grooming high-schoolers for war. We must stop asking kids as young as 17 to be prepared to take the lives of people they’ll never know and live with the weight of it.

Our first priority in foreign policy considerations is to create a future where war needs no workforce. We must ensure future generations not face the separations and sacrifices of war that we have. We must also take better care of those who have served and those who are currently serving.

Things I'll be fighting for

  • Increasing the current pay levels, including monthly combat pay, imminent danger pay and family separation allowances for those risking their lives in combat zones
  • Providing better care for the wounded, sick and injured soldiers
  • Increasing funding for additional clinics to provide services which now are too often delayed or denied throughout the Veterans Affairs system because of overcrowding and budget constraints
  • Ensuring a smooth transition from active military service to civilian life by providing counseling, housing, emergency management, job protection and other support systems
  • Continual medical and psychiatric health care by the VA, after serving any time in a combat zone

Join our movement.

Help us reclaim our future by replacing our broken and corrupt systems, empowering working people and communities, and saving our planet while we're at it. It won't be easy. It will take all of us working together. But working together is what we do best. We can do this. We, the people, are going to win.