Protecting our planet

Climate change is the most important social, economic, and environmental crisis that humanity has ever faced. You can see its effects in the news every day. Droughts are deeper, storms are stronger, wildfires burn for weeks on end, and that’s just a sampling of what we see every day. Climate change is destroying homes, eliminating people’s jobs and, too often, taking their lives too. The rapid acceleration of climate change over the past 50 years is due to unchecked industrialization and subsequent greenhouse gas emissions that our fossil-fuel economy has pumped into the atmosphere. The industries and practices that so many of us rely on to keep our daily lives running normally are the same ones that have set our planet on a catastrophic trajectory.

Of course, they are not out to destroy the planet; they’re simply operating the way that our capitalist systems require them to operate. Not only do they provide many of the luxuries we often take for granted; they also employ entire communities, and the predictability of their profits helps maintain short-term stability in our economy. With such positive short-term benefits, it’s easy for us to overlook the significant negative impact these industries and their practices have on our environment, our economy, and the state of the world.

And that is fundamentally the issue that has set us on a collision course with a global environmental collapse.

We need to disrupt the broken systems that force us to destroy our planet for short-term financial gain. And we need to take action now. Not in a few years. Today. We need a real Green New Deal that will not only turn the tide on climate change, but which will revive the economy and make wars for oil obsolete.

Things I'll be fighting for

  • Creating 20 million jobs by transitioning to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030, and investing in public transit, sustainable (regenerative) agriculture, conservation and restoration of critical infrastructure, including ecosystems
  • Implementing a fair transition that empowers those communities and workers most impacted by climate change and the transition to a green economy
  • Ensuring that any worker displaced by the shift away from fossil fuels will receive full income and benefits as they transition to alternative work
  • Enacting energy democracy based on public, community and worker ownership of our energy system
  • Treating energy as a basic human right, not a consumer good
  • Redirecting research funds from fossil fuels into renewable energy and conservation
  • Building a nationwide distributive power grid that can pool and store power from a diversity of renewable sources, giving the nation clean, democratically-controlled, energy
  • Ending destructive energy extraction and associated infrastructure: fracking, tar sands, offshore drilling, oil trains, mountaintop removal, natural gas pipelines, and uranium mines
  • Halting any investment in fossil fuel infrastructure, including natural gas, and phase out all fossil fuel power plants
  • Phasing out nuclear power and end nuclear subsidies
  • Ending all subsidies for fossil fuels and imposing a greenhouse gas fee/tax to charge polluters for the damage they have created

Join our movement.

Help us reclaim our future by replacing our broken and corrupt systems, empowering working people and communities, and saving our planet while we're at it. It won't be easy. It will take all of us working together. But working together is what we do best. We can do this. We, the people, are going to win.