Our movement

Family & Community

We deserve to have stable families and empowered local communities who can work together to create a better future for us all.


We deserve political systems and workplaces free of corruption and unnecessary bureaucracy, where power is held by all of us, not just the wealthiest few.


We deserve to pursue the lives we want for ourselves, free from persecution, inequality, economic exploitation, and financial instability.


We have a duty to take care of each other and the planet we share, and we deserve policies that put people and sustainability before profits.

Progress we demand

Health care is a human right

In the richest country in the world, no one should have to worry about how much it will cost them if they get sick or injured. Nobody should have to choose between paying for their groceries and paying their family’s insurance premiums.

Protecting our planet

Our planet’s climate crisis is a direct result of the way we do business on it. If we want to save the planet and ensure a future for our children, we need a real Green New Deal to turn the tide on climate change.

Putting people over profits

The CEOs will not save us. It’s time to reduce the economic and political power of large corporations, end corporate personhood, and recalibrate corporations to serve our society, democracy, and the environment.

Creating a pro-worker economy

We demand an economy where power is held by all of us, not just those at the top. More than jobs, we deserve financial stability, well-being, and a say in our own future.

Rebuilding public education

We must protect our great equalizer from privatization and corporate looting. We demand better funding, teacher empowerment, universal pre-k, tuition-free public colleges, and cancellation of all student and parent debt.

Supporting our troops

The best way to support our troops is to bring them home. Stop making them fight unending wars. Give them the support and resources they need to channel their strength, honor, and commitment into building up our country.

Empowering women

We demand equal rights for women and equal representation for them in our government. It’s time to break up the patriarchy, listen to women, and turn their words into action.

Re-engineering our justice system

We need to invest in rehabilitation and prevention, reverse the privatization of our prisons, end the war on drugs, and rebuild the communities our outdated laws have torn apart.

Making government work

Our government should not run like a business. It should run like a democracy. Our country needs an electoral overhaul, measures in place to protect and nurture grassroots democracy, and laws to fight government corruption and corporate greed.

Humanizing our immigration system

No human being is illegal. Immigrants make our country stronger. We need comprehensive immigration reform that includes a combination of amnesty, a pathway to citizenship, and measures to punish those who exploit and abuse undocumented immigrants.

Taking care of each other

It is time for modern gun laws. That starts with provisions to promote responsible gun ownership and policies to prevent the influence of corrupt lobbyists who have infiltrated our government.

Revolutionizing our infrastructure

Our roads, bridges, railways, energy grid, and all the other critical pieces of our infrastructure are suffering from decades of neglect. We need to get to work today, rebuilding them and modernizing them for a future where our kids can thrive.