Rebuilding public education

Our public education system has been the victim of a systematic dismantling. Because of tax cuts for the wealthy that have gutted huge amounts of funding, and because of privatization schemes that funnel money out of our public school system, many of our schools lack basic necessities, let alone the funding to give students what they need to succeed. We have painted ourselves into a corner by buying into the high-stakes testing industry, relying on outdated ways of measuring school performance, and trying to run our schools like businesses.

Our overworked, underpaid teachers are marching in the streets for our kids, tirelessly advocating for their future. More students than ever come from low-income families, and our public schools can serve as a powerful lever of upward mobility if they can provide students the resources and support they need to thrive — inside and outside of their classrooms.

Education is a lifelong journey. It’s not about reaching a destination. It’s about building momentum. It starts with high-quality early-childhood programs and continues through adulthood. Its goal shouldn’t be to mold young people into subservient consumers or employees but rather to arm them with the skills, knowledge, and spirit of inquiry they need to create the future they want for themselves. We shouldn’t treat higher education like a personal financial investment. Anyone who wants to go to a public college or vocational school shouldn’t have to pay for it themselves. That means it’s also time to cancel the huge debt owed to the federal government and predatory finance industry by student and parent borrowers.

Things I'll be fighting for

  • Eliminating gross inequalities in school funding
  • Farm-to-School programs that provide food from local family farms and educational opportunities
  • Resources and support to end the school-to-prison pipeline
  • An end to corporate alternative teacher licensing initiatives that create great destabilization within school communities in need of consistent leadership and community connections
  • Eliminating police officers from our schools
  • Increased funding for after-school and daycare programs
  • Incentives for eliminating junk food and commercial advertising from schools
  • Free college tuition to all qualified students at public universities and vocational schools
  • Forgiving all student and parent loans taken out to finance post-secondary and vocational education
  • Ending federal competitive grants like Race to the Top (RTTT) and instead equitably funding schools based on a priority of socioeconomic level
  • Divesting from the high-stakes standardized testing industry and redirecting the funds to create expanded access to science, technology, music, and arts programs

Join our movement.

Help us reclaim our future by replacing our broken and corrupt systems, empowering working people and communities, and saving our planet while we're at it. It won't be easy. It will take all of us working together. But working together is what we do best. We can do this. We, the people, are going to win.